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Goethe im Alter (Höffner Johannes)
Vaněk - Trilogie (Audienz, Vernissage, Protest) (Havel Václav)
Rambling On : An Apprentices Guide to the Gift of the Gab (Hrabal Bohumil)
The fifth horseman (Collins L., Lapiere D.)
Bright Day Dawning (Jacobs Anna)
An Equal music (Seth Vikram)
Lovely bones (Sebold Alice)
Twelve Babies on a Bike (Dunn D. May)
Stolen (Pearse Lesley)
Learning to fly (Beckham Victoria)
Twopenny rainbows (Jacobs Anna)
The railway man (Lomax Eric)
Stories (Chesterton G.K.)
Iron John: A Book About Men (Bly Robert)
Bäume in Mitteleuropa (Pokorný Jaromír)
The Burning Soul (Connolly John)
The Sword of the Templars (Christopher Paul)
The Silent Girl (Gerritsen Tess)
Crisis Four (McNab Andy)
The Historical Aviation Album - Volume VIII (Matt Paul R.)
How to Break 90: The Mental and Tactical Approach (Lewis Beverly)
How to play par threes (Smith Peter)
How to play par fours (Smith Peter)
The Penguin Guide to Fishing (Willock colin ed.)
1805 (Woodman Richard)
The Angels Weep (Smith Wilbur)
Wild Justice (Smith Wilbur)
A Host of Voices (Stokes Doris)
Mistress (Patterson James)
Cross Fire (Patterson James)